The Weimaraner

Written by jemke1 on Monday, February 9, 2009 – 6:00 pm -

Anyone who has ever known a Weimaraner quickly comes to realize that the breed is very special. It’s not just the beauty and intelligence of the breed, the weimaraner has a unique personality that makes the dog seem almost human.

Weimaraners will have a vocabulary far greater than most other breeds. They seem to know what you are saying even when you are not talking directly to them. Often times they anticipate human actions so well they seem to know what you are thinking.

The weimaraner is a very social animal and should be treated as a full member of the family. This is not a breed you can keep in a kennel. The weimaraner requires a lot of social interaction with it’s human family and quite often will reverse the rolls of pet-owner and will attempt to teach you how it is to be treated.

Definitely a pack animal, the weimaraner will not be at peace unless all members of his immediate human family are present and accounted for. The breed is very protective of its human pack and will pace and worry if a member is missing. The weimaraner’s favorite position in a room is one that allows him to keep an eye, a paw, or a nose on each and every member of his pack.

The weimaraner loves to nest. The breed will try to sleep in the masters bed and once allowed to do so will claim his position at a moments notice. The weimaraner’s very favorite thing to do is snuggle up on the couch or in bed with it’s human pack members. We often call our ‘Y’ a “Restaraner” because she is always up, or should I say down, for an afternoon nap.

There are some cautions that an owner must take in the care of a weimaraner. The breed is always ready for play. Weimaraners love toys and will present a toy to it’s master for a spirited game of tug of war. You must be especially cautious about exercising the weimaraner after it has eaten a large meal. The breed is subject to a condition called stomach torsion, which can be deadly in some circumstances. Always let your weimaraner rest for at least an hour after a meal to avoid this condition.

The breed is sensitive to certain medications especially antibiotics. You must use extreme caution when giving your weimaraner any kind of medication or vaccine. The breed can be allergic to common medications that do not adversely affect other breeds. Their skin can become sensitive to ground fungus and other common allergens. You must use caution when treating your weimaraner for these problems as even some common topical treatments can have an adverse effect on the weimaraner.

The most incredible statistic you will find about weimaraners is that once someone takes a ‘Y’ into their home they are weimaraner owners for life. Many weimaraner families have more than one dog and many have had weimaraners their whole life.

If you are considering the breed you must be ready to share your life and your home and even your bed with your weimaraner for the rest of his or her life and more than most likely for the rest of yours as well.

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Lil’ Pea’s Great Adventure

Written by jemke1 on Sunday, February 1, 2009 – 4:31 pm -

It was a beautiful summer day and Lil’ Pea was visiting the Koi pond looking for new friends.

The Koi did not want to come out and play and Lil’ Pea had already had her bath so she left them there and decided to take a nap.

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