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Refining Weimaraner Natural Hunting Instincts

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Rescued Weimaraner Responds To Love

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Rescued Weimaraner responds to her loving owner. Weimaraners require time and attention. They thrive when treated as family members they are weimaraners not dogs !

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Weimaraner And Human Training

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Fabulous Roxie and her human seem to be doing a little experiment on conditioned response, but who is Pavlov, Roxie or her very patient human?

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Puppy Crate Training

Written by jemke1 on Thursday, August 5, 2010 – 12:57 pm -

 Crate training is a very popular and effective technique for teaching your dog right from wrong; this method includes teaching rules of eliminating, sleeping arrangements, and keeping your dog from being destructive when you are out amongst many other benefits.

A dog crate is a metal and plastic cage for your dog to sleep in or be in while you are away, the crate helps give your dog a secure place to live while in your home and a place to retreat to when things get a bit to hectic as they do in many family homes today.

You should make your dog feel as comfortable as you can in their crate; this should include putting a bowl of water with your dog in their crate, a nice easily cleanable blanket and put them in an area that is widely used by the family so they always feel part of what is going on.
To crate train you must choose a correctly sized crate that your dog or puppy will be able to grow into with time and they will not be too cramped or have too much space. If your dog has a crate that is too small they won’t want to live there or go there and if the crate is too large it leads to eliminating problems.

 Dogs will naturally not want to eliminate in their place of sleep so as you dog gets used to its new sleeping area it will want to go to the toilet only when they are let out so be sure to take them to their appropriate place for eliminating when they are let out, then reward them for behaving in the correct manner.

 When you are out, your dog can be closed in their crate to ensure common bad behavioural problems don’t happen while you are out such as chewing, biting and eliminating in the house. Be sure not to keep your dog in their crate for longer than about 4 hours and to let them go to the toilet on a regular basis.
Always reward your dog for using the crate in the correct way and be sure all members of the family know that the dog should not be pestered in their crate. As long as this rule is followed then you won’t go far wrong and you will begin to notice great improvements in your dog’s behaviour immediately.

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How to Train a Weimaraner

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Striking looks, sleek, speedy, and strong…

These are the first impressions a Weimaraner usually gets.

The Weimaraner Vorstehhund, also dubbed as the “grey ghost”, is a product of German selective breeding. It was a breed favored by royalty by German royalty. They are strong gun dogs with great perseverance and courage. They will stop at nothing to please their hunting masters.

They are beautiful dogs with a regal stance that most people appreciate. Weimaraners are relatively large dogs with long muscular limbs. Their coats are short and hard but there are rare types with semi-long coats, and they usually come in silvery and gray colors.

Since they have short coats, grooming maintenance is very low but they can drool and bark excessively. Drooling problems may never be solved but with barking, training and extensive early socializing may minimize the unpleasant behavior.

Weimaraners are originally bred to become large game hunters. Animals like boars, deer, and even bears. But with the decline of large game popularity, they eventually adapted to small game hunting. Because of their original hunting inclinations, they are not intimidated with size and seem brave in all occasions.

They are very athletic and thrive in physical activities. Exercise is essential to Weimaraners. Lack of physical and mental stimulation will make them restless and may cause them to become disorderly inside the house. If often left alone, they will channel their energy to destructive behaviors like chewing furniture and footwear. It is also common for them to steal food from tables and counter tops. Bad habits like this need to be eradicated as quickly as possible.

They are affectionate and loving dogs and also very protective of their owners. They have great guarding instincts and they are likely to be very territorial. Weimaraners can be aloof and hostile to strangers. If they are not socialized extensively as puppies they tend to become very aggressive.

When dealing with Weimaraners, owners must be firm and take the role of the “pack leader”. Weimaraners can be very stubborn and willful. Therefore, owners must train them with effective positive reinforcement methods to counter these behavioral problems. Passive and meek owners will find it difficult to manage Weimaraners. Natural authority must be established over them.

Weimaraners desire companionship. They like to be with the family’s “pack”. They will feel awful if left for their own. Weimaraners are generally affable to children but their pure physicality and highly excitable nature can cause accidents, such as knocking children and elderly people down.

They are highly trainable and intelligent dogs. They must be trained extensively with positive reinforcement. Weimaraners like to be praised and rewarded with treats. Positive reinforcement is the best way to control and train them. Calm behavior training is also essential for these dogs. They will eventually mature, although slow, into a mild-mannered temperament.

Weimaraners are common to gastric torsion, a painful and fatal condition. To prevent this, Weimaraners feedings must be spread at least twice daily. But to be sure, because Weimaraners are seriously susceptible to this condition, have a vet’s contact number ready.

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