The Weimaraner

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Anyone who has ever known a Weimaraner quickly comes to realize that the breed is very special. It’s not just the beauty and intelligence of the breed, the weimaraner has a unique personality that makes the dog seem almost human.

Weimaraners will have a vocabulary far greater than most other breeds. They seem to know what you are saying even when you are not talking directly to them. Often times they anticipate human actions so well they seem to know what you are thinking.

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A typical Weimaraner.

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My weimaraner has been having some skin problems…his coat has become very blotchy and discolored, any help?

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Took him to the vet yesterday, they dont know and are referring me to a animal dermatologist. They think it is breed specific….Any weim owners out there that can help??
I do put fish oil in his food everyday….

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Weimaraners as Pets

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If you are searching for a dog whom will be a true companion by your side at all times, look no further than the Weimaraner. This breed of dog thrives on being a member in a family, and is extremely loyal and loving.


The exact origin of the Weimaraner is not known, but dogs very similar have roots as far back as the 1200s. It is believed to have been a cross between Continental pointing breeds and a Mastiff. The breed as it is known today was developed in the 1800s by Grand Duke Karl August of Weimar. The breed named after the hometown of the Duke, is an all around pointing and hunting dog. Germany was very possessive of their prized hunting dog, and it was not until the middle of the 20th century before any were brought into the United States.


The Weimaraner was originally bred for hunting and tracking big game, though in time they were also used for small game or upland birds. The pointing of the Weimaraner has been described as slow, but what they lack in speed they make up for in thoroughness. The breed also has been used as guard dogs, rescue dogs, and service animals for the disabled.


You would be hard pressed to find a finer athletic looking dog breed as the Weimaraner. They are moderately large with males being 24 – 27 inches tall and 55 – 70 pounds. While females area 22 – 25 inches tall and 50 – 65 pounds. The head is long with amber or gray eyes and moderately long ears. Some feel the Weimaraner has a very regal appearance!


The coat of this breed is very short and smooth, though there is also a less common long haired breed. The coat coloring is gray to silver gray which has gotten the dog the nickname “silver ghost” or “gray ghost”. This coat is very low maintenance on this breed so this goes over well with owners who are not into constantly combing their dogs.


The Weimaraner is extremely loving and loyal to a fault! The breed is highly prone to separation anxiety and must be handled carefully to avoid the destructive behavior that results from this. The breed is also very intelligent and easily trainable which is good since if left untrained they tend to have several negative characteristics. The Weimaraner does well in a family as long as the children are not too small. Since they are so full of energy they could easily hurt a small child without meaning to.


It is essential a Weimaraner is exercised daily for a fairly long duration of time. As this breed has tons of energy and amazing stamina very long walks or jogs are the best way to ensure they get enough exercise. It is very important to ensure your Weimaraner is well trained or on a leash at all times as the breed has a very high instinctive prey drive. The dog will not hesitate to charge large of small animals if not kept under control.


The Weimaraner is very prone to several health issues such as gastric torsion, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and more. Ensure you buy your dog from a breeder who refuses to breed with animals who display signs of carrying any of these disorders. This will help breed out these detrimental health problems.

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